Friday 7 February 2020

Last Few Days

It's been an up and down few days here in my part of Michigan. Sunday and Monday we had lovely glorious sunshine and temperatures up above freezing. I so enjoyed those days. I ended up going outside more than I was inside. The garden was quite quiet as though because everything had been cleared away there were other places to get food and go and visit. It didn't last long though. Wednesday night we had a snowstorm that continued on into Thursday and even this morning. The birds were out there early. I could hear them chirping away. The bird table had been covered with a fresh layer of snow and the birds couldn't get to the food below the snow. I tumbled outside in my pajamas and snow boots to put some food out. They have been quite busy today. I suppose now that everything is covered again they are looking for easy food.

I'm not sure what this blue jay was thinking. I was closer to the fence than I usually am - this was on Wednesday before the snow - and he wasn't sure whether to grab the nut or not.

I haven't sorted out the photos I've taken from the snow days but this is one I snapped with my phone out of my back door while the snow was coming down this afternoon.

I can't wait until Spring when there are different visitors to the garden. The raccoons haven't shown themselves for a while and neither has the possum.

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